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I also have a secondary account. This is also MMD related but it's mostly related to size change (GTS and whatever) related pictures.

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100 questions I apparently have to answer

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 14, 2015, 8:22 AM

Well, then.. I was tagged.. here we gooo

1) Full Name: Julian B.

2) Male/Female: Male

3) Were you named after anyone?: Not that I know.

4) Does your name mean anything?:
It's the modern form of Roman "Julius" - which is the name of an emperor! WAHAHAHAHAHA!

5) Nick Name(s): Link, Rinku, Rinka, Juli, Asshole, Dumbass, Idiot, Weeaboo, Lamer, Lameboy, Bitch - you see, people are really nice to me :3 .

6) What do you think you look like... name wise: ????? Human???

7) Date Of Birth: May 5th, 1986

8) Place of Birth and Current Location: Born in Darmstadt in Germany, living in a small village now

9) Nationality: German

10) Astrology Sign: Taurus

11) Chinese Astrology Sign: Tiger

12) Religion: Agnostic

13) Whats your favorite smell?: Cinnamon

14) Political Position?: Liberal

15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?: Tea

16) Hair + Eye colour: Dark hair, grayish-blue eyes

17) Do you look like anyone famous?: Probably not.

18) What do you look like?: Like someone you'd probably not think of much when you see me.

19) Any unusual talents?: Being able to sit on a chair, breathing and using a computer - ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: Lefty but raised to a righty, nowadays failing with both hands

21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?: Whatever other means ^^

22) What do you do for a living?: Software development.

23) What do you do for fun?: Literally whatever I feel like - watching movies and anime, gaming, Minecrafting, modding, MMD, hardware stuff, electronics, cooking...

24) What are your favorite art materials to work with? My artistic talent is non-exsiting, see 20.

25) What kind of materials would you like to work with?: Diamonds - I'd snatch them and sell them and I'd be rich!

26) Have you met your grandparents?: Yes

27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: No

28) Crush: No

29) What celebrity would you date if you could?: None

30) Current worries?: Too many to list here, but still I manage to be as cheerful as I can.

31) Favorite online Guy/Girl(s): Those I love should know I do.

32) Favorite place to be?: A place called home. I designed it so it perfectly suits me.

33) Least favorite place to be?: Hospitals.

34) Do you burn or tan?: Burn, my skin barely tans at all.

35) Ever break a bone?: Yes, heel, nose and skull.

36) What is your favorite cereal?: Corn flakes.

37) Person you cry with: People I trust.

Do You Have...

38) Any sisters:
Never met her, died before I was born

39) Any brothers: 1 big brother

40) Any pets: None anymore sadly, but I want a parrot again - something like a cute little cockatoo.

41) An Illness: Chronically runny nose due to malformed nose bone

42) A Pager: Does a smart phone count?

43) A Personal phone line: Yes

44) A Cell phone: Yessu

45) A visible birthmark: Yes, many, but all of them hidden under clothes.

46) A Pool or hot tub: A hot bathtub XD

47) A Car: 2 actually but mostly because the first car I got is slowly dying yet I want to keep it alive as long as possible, so I don't use it during Winter time.

48) Personality:
Respectful, friendly, curious

49) Driving:
Like a reckless idiot XD

50) Your clothing style:
Simple, t-shirt, hoodies ^^ - t-shirts are normally gaming related

51) Room: No, flat

52) What's missing: It's the way I like it.

53) School: I'm out of school for 10 years by now

54) Bed: A very special one, some friends know what I mean :3

55) Relationship with your parent(s):
Okayish (no questions about that here, if you have my Skype feel free to ask)

56) Do You believe in yourself:
I have to!

57) Do you believe in love at first sight?:
In a way I do.

58) Consider yourself a good listener:
I try my best.

59) Have a future dream that you would like to share?: I try to make wishes come true, I'd share once they've done.

60) Get Along with your parents:
See 55

61) Save your e-mail conversations: Yes, I have a long long long archive

62) Pray:
I don't particularly pray to any kind of God but if people are in trouble I often dedicates my thoughts, hopes and wishes towards them - so if anyone can hear those thoughts, they'd know I care.

63) Believe in reincarnation:
No but I hope it exists in some way.

64) Brush your teeth twice a day?:

65) Like to talk on the phone:
Depends on who I talk to

66) Like to eat?:

67) Like to exercise?:
Yes, but sadly my abilities are limited currently, see 35)

68) Like to watch sports?:
Not really

69) Sing in the car?:
Yes, like an idiot because no-one can hear it XD

70) What is a dream that you have all the time?:
Being in another dimension

71) Dream in color: No, in sepia and black and white with manga shaders enabled - SERIOUSLY, what type of question is that???

72) Do you have nightmares?
Quite often.

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal?:

74) Right next to you:
My absolutely messy table

75) On your favorite coffee cup?:
Enoshima Junko

76) On your mouse pad: 5 Cryptoloid Chibis (the main ones except Meiko)

77) Your favorite flavor of gum?: Big red 

78) Your brand of deodorant?:
Neutral ones, just make the horrible axe smell go away?

79) Your dream honeymoon spot:

80) Your dream husband/wife:
Difficult to answer.

81) Hiding in your closet?: Too many clothes

82) Under your bed:
Nothing. Yep.. that's it.. really!

83) The name of one of your closest/best friends?:
Those who know I like them know I do like them.

84) Your bad time of the day:
Early afternoon.

85) Your worst fear(s): Being left alone.

86) What's the weather like: Cold, cold, cold, rainy

87) Your favorite time of year?: Spring, because it's warm and colourful.

88) Your favorite holiday?: None exactly.

89) A material weakness?: Everything cute.

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: Perfectly honest... I was once in China in a restaurant and they told me they'd want to surprise me. In the end it was dog meat which - bite me - it tasted good. As a Westerner I will admit, it sounds absolutely strange at first to hear, someone's eating that but when you think about it. In our cultures, cows, chicken and pigs are domesticated and raised to be eaten and no-one thinks that would be weird at all. In India they'd hate you for eating cows, muslemes will not accept to eat pigs - so I guess "weird" is really an undefinable term, in China they raise dogs just to be eaten. And this seems weird to us - but is it?

91) At the top of your "to-do list"?: Staying loyal to everyone who likes me and who I like.

92) The hardest thing about growing up: Personally: I try to accept the new responsibilities and yet I want to stay the child I used to be in my heart - sometimes not too easy.

93) A pet peeve?: Arrogent, selfish people.

94) Your scariest moment: Being involved in an accident once in South Africa, where all other people in the bus passed out, I was alone on the road, no mobile phone receiption and in the middle of nowhere at 1 AM at night with wolved and other wild animals howling.

95) Your attitude about love?: I love everyone who treats me respectfully with all my heart - and I wouldn't want to lose them.

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?:  People are supposed to like me the way I am - I don't try to fake someone else.

97) The worst feeling in the world: Fear and Loneliness

98) The best feeling in the world: Knowing that there are people to support you.

99) Who sent this to you? :icongoddess-saki:

100) 6 people you tag: I don't really feel like tagging - if you like to do it - do it!!

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I am me.. not much else. Zelda fan, Sonic fan. Do not really know what to write here!

Size related account: qiaoLink

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