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look a quiet box, i'm gonna take a nap here since i dont expect any loud noises in this place :^)
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oh a shoutbox
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Back in normality

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 23, 2015, 2:31 PM

Hello everyone,

well, I normally don't really post about private stuff here but now I think it's the moment.
On May 4th, one day before my birthday, I had a major accident. I was helping my brother in his garden and fell of a 1.8 metre high wall there. The fall was so uncontrolled, I landed on the heel of my right foot. Rather than just breaking the heel bone (the calcaneus) I smashed it into pieces. It was smashed, I was unable to put weight on the foot without major pain and the foot was swollen and huge. It was extremely painful. My brother brought me to the hospital immediately where they diagnosed what I just described.

I was warned that such a complicated bone disorder might be difficult to treat. And well, I did have internet access, reading all the horror stories about people having calcaneus fractures was just.. wow. Many people complained about losing the ability to walk - many of them needed wheelchairs, others were only able to walk with massive pain and it wouldn't look normal at all. And well, many of them said, they would have had to give up their job, give up driving a car. Stairs were an obstacle they couldn't get past. And all of that.
So yeah: in other words.. it could have easily been a huge deal breaker. So I was hell afraid of my life as I knew it ending. I live in the 2nd floor of a house (or 3rd floor by US counting). Elevator? No! So if I can't go stairs, I would have had to move out, and believe me I love my home. I just love it with all my heart.

On May 12th I finally had the surgery. The surgery apparently went well. 8 titan screws as well as a titan plate are now holding my heel together. Apparently the surgery was a success despite being very risky. My foot was in that special shoe now - the foot was full of scars and the skin of it was actually held together by staplers. Yes you heard me: Staplers.

And then the endless waiting game started. On May 19th I left the hospital but as I live alone at home I would have had noone to take care of me. Being unable to walk (only with crutches while wearing a special shoe) simply meant I wasn't able to do daily life chores. On May the 25th the staplers at least were removed. So the foot was washable again (believe me guys: IT STANK. I had to shower while having it wrapped up in a water proof plastic bag). So well.. another 2 weeks passed: On June 9th I had my first physiotherapy session. Many of them would follow and even now there are more to follow. The foot was slowly moved from outside and massaged. The muscles in the right leg by now have degraded majorly: No wonder - not moving the foot and the leg and they massively degraded.

The first checkup surgery was on June 25th. They did another CT of the foot and thank God the result was quite positive. The parts of the heel attached well to each other. If there weren't any screws visible in the picture it would look like.. a foot? As in: nothing out of the unordinary. So well: I was still forced to use my special shoe. But I was allowed to put weight on the right foot - starting with 20 kg - increase of 2 kg every day so after 3 weeks I should be up at my body weight. Well, maybe I took it too seriously. On the first day I was allowed to walk with crutches I already walked 1 kilometre. Increasing that distance day by day. And the muscles in the right leg built up extremely quickly. Admittedly after like 2 weeks I started putting my body weight on it... and it worked. So I slowly and very carefully started to walk on my own - using normal shoes, barefoot still hurts. I was also able to do my job again - I can't go to my office obviously - but I can work from home, as a software developer, fortunately most of my work can be done from home.

Today I had the second check: Originally the plan of the doctor was that I should start putting weight on my foot again beginning at 20 kg - just as before, this time with normal shoes. When I told him that I already walked at home with normal shoes the doctor wanted to see it. He instantly asked it it hurts and I was like. "Well, it does a tiny bit, I feel pressure, I feel how the leg's working." But he was just: "How about your heel? How about the ankle joint?" And I was like: "Well, minor maybe. If at all." Result: special shoe is going to be thrown away. I should still take along my crutches for safety at places I don't know. At home, I have an official okay to walk around normally. However, just with shoes for now. No barefoot. And most importantly:

Tomorrow I'm driving back home. I'm in tears as I write this, as I can't tell you how happy I am to be able to return to my daily life. Sure there'll be limitations. When I buy stuff at a super market, I will need a friend to carry stuff up the stairs for me as I cannot do this yet. I am also allowed to drive a car again. On Monday I'll try to return to my office, I'm confident it will work just fine. Normal life has me back. Sure, jogging, running, walking.. no go for now. But those will be possible again - probably by Q2 2016.

The essence about it... for all of you: Treasure your body. The entire situation made me much quieter than I was before. There are many things in life I did before I wouldn't do again. Even if they aren't related to my body but also about the valuation of other people. I literally envied many people for being able to walk - something which sounds so ordinary you probably can't even believe you would start doing something like that. Being able to have a "normal" life which goes according to your plans is a present. If you happen to have that present - treasure it. A single accident which happens within just 2 seconds can turn things over completely. It nearly did for me. I'm thankful that ultimately it didn't.

Thank you for reading.

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I am me.. not much else. Zelda fan, Sonic fan. Do not really know what to write here!

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